Car Theft - Myths & Realities 차량 도난에 대한 통념과 실제

Myth 1

It won’t happen to me.

On average, one in every 70 Australian households had a vehicle stolen in the past 12 months. It could happen to you.

Myth 2

No one would want to steal my old bomb.

59 per cent of vehicles stolen in Gold Coast City are more than ten years old so your old bomb is at more risk than many other cars if it does not have quality security devices fitted.

The impacts of car theft upon both the victim and community are significant regardless of the age of the vehicle.

Myth 3

My car is insured so it doesn’t matter if it’s stolen.

Research shows that victims of car theft incur approximately $7000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

These costs include: damage or losses above insured value; up-front excess payments; loss of uninsured contents such as work tools, sporting gear or stereo equipment; and lost work time due to lack of alternative transport. This amount does not include: psychological impacts of being a victim of crime; the loss of sentimental personal items; or the cost of other crimes/accidents committed using the car.

Myth 4

If thieves want my car they’ll get in no matter what I do so I may as well not bother.

Leaving your car unlocked to avoid damage is misguided and unsafe – you may inadvertently attract car thieves or facilitate other serious crimes. Opportunistic car thieves take advantage of easy targets and will usually be deterred easily by security measures.

Further information

Adapted from Car Safe Tips by the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

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